Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's a Spooky Time of Year!

Brayden went as a pirate again this year. We were going to change it up, but he just looks so stinking cute as a pirate. With uncle Cody, uncle Derek and aunt Jasmine, and Grandma and Grandpa Huls we did a pre Halloween party. We carved pumpkins, made homemade rootbeer, and listened to fun music. It was a blast, not really sure why we didn't take pictures of it, but it was fun. For Halloween weekend the Huls family was together, because Cody was giving his farewell talk in church. It was nice to get everyone together. (minus Chasie, because he is at BYUI and he was missed)
There was a cute little pumpkin patch not far from our house that we went to a couple of times. Brayden was loving it! They had a slide in the middle of a hay stack, maze, pumpkin patch, and Brayden's favorite was an old tractor. Aunt Kimmie was visiting from Spokane and Brayden Boy was happy to spend time with his aunt Kimmie!

The second time we went to the pumpkin patch we went with my cousin Justin and his wife Celise and their little girl.

Summer Fun
To start the summer off my baby brother graduated from high school!!!
I really can't believe it, because it makes me feel really old, but my youngest brother Cody graduated from high school in June of this last year. It was fun to be there to support him, even if Brayden was not feeling good.

We had a really fun weekend get away to Wallowa Lake in Oregon. We went with Grandma and Grandpa Thacker, Aunt Kimmie, Uncle Mike and Aunt Kristi, Rylee, Brookie Lou, and baby Beckom. The water was extremely cold, but that did not keep Brayden from sitting and splashing in the water!
It was the craziest thing, there at the place we were staying in Wallowa, the deer would just walked right up to us and eat from our hands! For those of you that know Brad it was really hard for him to not run and get his gun, but we kept him under control. =) We also had fun with a challenge of chewing on some really sour gum, which is why there are so many crazy faces happening. It was a really fun family trip!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oregon Coast 2010
I just can't get enough of my boys! They are so adorable!
We had so much fun this last spring and summer. Our first trip that kicked things off was going to the Oregon Coast. We stayed in Seaside, Oregon, which was actually the first time Brad and I have been back since our honeymoon. We stayed the first few nights in a hotel with Jon and Tiffany and their boys. These pictures were taken on the beach near where Jon and Brad went crabbing. It was really cold, but Brayden was so cute and so excited to see the ocean for the first time!

We went to Ecola State Park to take some pictures. As you can see it was extremely windy that day, but it has some gorgeous views of the Oregon Coastline.

Our hotel was right on the beach so we had tons of fun walking up and down beach. As you can see Brayden wasn't always walking, occasionally he liked being pushed around. We had to get a picture of our little life guard in front of his stand!

So, we had to check out the Candy Man Store and get some famous salt water taffy, of course, and we stopped and a lot of the little shops. Bradley finally got his kite that he had been wanting since our honeymoon, and Brayden was trying out the surf boards!

As you can see from the pictures, Brayden wasn't in the best of moods this day, but he finally started to snap out of his mood when Daddy started teaching him to fly the kite. We had a blast on our trip and we can't wait to go back!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We went into Yakima one Sunday for our Stake Conference and after the conference Brad surprised Brayden and I by taking us to a nearby park. I always love going there to feed the ducks and Bradley had planned ahead and brought bread. We tried to teach Brayden to feed the ducks, but he just didn't understand why we were giving perfectly good bread to the ducks, so he started eating it up himself instead of giving it away! It was hilarious to watch.
Whenever I go to work I never know what I am going to come home to. Brad loves to give Brayden new hair styles to surprise me with. Funny enough we don't let him go out in public like this. Brayden sure loves his Daddy and they have tons of fun together. Brayden always has a big smile and hug for Daddy when he gets home, and Brad loves every second of it!

Brayden sure loves his cousins and they always return the love! They give him all the attention when he is around and he enjoys it. While we were in Spokane for Beckoms baby blessing Rylee and Brooklyn gave Brayden his first driving lesson and he enjoyed the ride!

We went to Spokane for baby Beckom's blessing and after church decided to go out and take advantage of the gorgeous view from Mike and Kristi's back yard. Lucky for us Brayden was in the picture taking mood!

Our Joy!

Forever and Ever